An entrepreneur is an individual who runs and founds a small business, rather than working as an employee, assuming all the rewards and risks of the venture. The entrepreneur is commonly seen and known as an innovator, a source of new services, ideas, goods and business or procedures.
Entrepreneurs represent a key role in economies. They are the people who have the initiative and skills necessary to foresee future and current needs and bring good new ideas to market. Entrepreneurs who prove to be successful in taking on the risks of are rewarded with fame, profits and growth opportunities. Those who fail become less prevalent in the markets and suffer losses.

Definition of entrepreneurship:

Economists do not have a fixed definition of entrepreneurship or “entrepreneur”, and the word “entrepreneur” comes from the French verb, “entreprendre” meaning “to undertake. Although the concept of an entrepreneur has existed and been known for centuries, classical and neo-classical economists have left entrepreneurs outside their official models: they assumed that full information would be known to rational actors in full, leaving no room for risk or discovery. Economists until the middle of the 20th century were not seriously trying to integrate entrepreneurship into their models.


What Makes an Entrepreneur, here is some qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs:

Intention is essential, Self confidence, Modesty, knowledgeable, Accept failure, Risk-taking, Enthusiasm, Flexibility.


Cory Nieves, The world’s youngest entrepreneur:

Cory Nieves is a young boy from the United States of America who is only 10 years old but does not live his life like the rest of his old boys. He is a successful entrepreneur and owns his company “Mr. Cory’s Cookie”, which he never rely on anyone else in his job and decisions. It is also worth noting that this little boy knows exactly what the customer needs and wants and provides them with, which leads to the development of the company and increase profits. Also works Cory Nevis in the field of fashion and advertising, not because of success in Entrepreneurship but because of high elegance.


The beginning of Corey Nieves, the youngest entrepreneur in the world:

The story begins when he left New York in 2009 and moved with his mother to live in New Jersey. His mother needed a car to use to move around the city. Little Cory, who was only five years old, decided to help a nation achieve her desire and start working. To implement the idea of simple, which came to the mind and equipped a small wooden cart and start to manufacture and sell hot cocoa and lemon juice to passersby and this is a machine to achieve good profits and with time decided to develop legitimate small and start to manufacture and sell cakes delicious.

Success of Cory’s small project:

To make cakes that are designed to impress and accept customers and this is what advocates to look for other outlets to sell products of them and already managed to do so and began to spread products in the markets of the city and the state in general, and even spread its products in the markets of New York State also neighboring.

Reasons for the success of Cory Nieves:

“My products are made with love, so they are appetizing and leave a wet touch on the mouth,” Cory was quoted as saying. “Many of the reports about Cory Nieves, the world’s youngest entrepreneur, Of the industry in the manufacture and production of cakes, but there are other factors that led to it, including the high lightness enjoyed by the striking pace, and admitted “Cory” in the Hawara, a newspaper with the “Daily News,” a keen clothing elegant and confirmed that he buys clothes from fashion lines Famous as ( Tom Ford, Jay Crowe, Ralph Lauren and others fashion lines) This is a machine of working in fashion and commercials for international companies.

The World’s Smallest Entrepreneur goals:

The study at the university and the development of skills and administrative skills is one of the most important goals that Cory Nevis seeks to achieve in the future. Of course, these goals are simple goals and easy to achieve. It is sure that he will strive to achieve more goals as the age increases.


My opinion:

Entrepreneurship is the art of dream-making.
I think it is possible for anyone to become an entrepreneur if he has a competitive spirit, confidence and ability to move forward and overcome all obstacles in his way. Setting up an innovative and new project idea can lead your project to the summit just like Corey Nieves. I think it’s amazing how a 10-year-old boy like Kory Nieves became an entrepreneur with this success. That may make anyone motivated to start his project.
Lastly, i think that not every business man is entrepreneurial; business man makes profit, but entrepreneur is one who seeks to innovation, development, risk, and profit.



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Author: maryamalotaibi

I am a student in princess noura university, accounting department.

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